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Stillbirth is a significant public health issue that is rarely talked about. Explore the latest research on the impact of stillbirth, risk factors,  and ways to prevent preventable stillbirth.

The Latest Research

Impact and Risk Factors for Stillbirth

Every year in the U.S. 23,500 babies are born still. Statistically, that means 1 in every 169 pregnancies ends in stillbirth. Read the latest research on the impact of and risk factors for stillbirth.

Stillbirths: rates, risk factors, and acceleration towards 2030
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Connection between stillbirth and maternal mortality
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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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Stillbirth Prevention

Years of industry research combined with expert analysis proves the importance of kick counting in reducing preventable stillbirths.

The importance of fetal movement monitoring
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Ending Preventable Stillbirth Series
The Lancet
Prediction and Prevention of Recurrent Stillbirth.
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Learn more about the impact of stillbirth in the U.S.

Public Health Campaign

Evidence on Count the Kicks

Count the Kicks was created based on public health research in Norway that demonstrated a 30% reduction in stillbirth by teaching pregnant women how to monitor fetal movement during the third trimester of pregnancy by doing kick counts on a daily basis. In the first 10 years of Count the Kicks in Iowa the state’s stillbirth rate went down nearly 32%. Learn more about how our proven stillbirth prevention campaign is helping to save babies across the U.S.

Count the Kicks- AMCHP Best Practice
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Stillbirth Summit Poster Presentation on Count the Kicks
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Norway Research
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We’re working to make stillbirth a maternal health tragedy of the past. Explore opportunities to help us advocate for change to prevent preventable stillbirths and improve birth outcomes.


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