Courageous Advocates

Meet the powerful stillbirth prevention advocates turning their grief into fuel, shame into hope, and energy into action

Healthy Birth Day, Inc. has built a community of courageous supporters and powerful advocates for stillbirth prevention. These changemakers help us raise awareness, push for systemic change, and empower expectant parents across the U.S. to advocate for themselves and their baby.

Learn more about how these courageous advocates are helping us bring stillbirth out of the shadows.

Advocate for Change

Our Founders

Healthy Birth Day, Inc. was founded by five Iowa moms determined to make our world a safer place to have a baby after they each lost a daughter to stillbirth or infant death.

What started as conversations over coffee – sharing tears, heartache, anger and unjustified shame of not being able to save their baby girls – quickly lit a spark amongst them to do something. Jan, Janet, Kate, Kerry and Tiffan decided to channel their grief into stillbirth prevention to keep other families from facing the pain of losing a baby.

Iowa Sen. Janet Peteresen is a co-founder of Healthy Birth Day, Inc.
Janet Petersen
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Tiffan Yamen, co-founder of Healthy Birth Day, Inc.
Tiffan Yamen
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Kate Safris, co-founder of Healthy Birth Day, Inc.
Kate Safris
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Kate Safris, co-founder of Healthy Birth Day, Inc.
Kerry Biondi-Morlan
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Jan Caruthers is a co-founder of Healthy Birth Day, Inc.
Jan Caruthers
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Count the Kicks Ambassadors are powerful advocates for stillbirth prevention who are committed to helping save babies across the U.S. Meet some of the advocates helping to raise awareness and push for systemic change.

Heather Johnston-Welliver is an Ambassador in Ohio.
Heather Johnston Welliver
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Yuvelca Magdalena Reyes is an Ambassador in New York.
Yuvelca Magdelana Reyes
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Jasmine Abraham is an Ambassador in Ohio.
Jasmine Abraham
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Learn more about our team of 65+ Ambassadors representing 37 states and the District of Columbia.

A pregnant mom uses the Count the Kicks app on her phone.

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