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Activate change in America

Let decision makers know why stillbirth prevention is important to you. Encourage them to support this important work.

We’ve created sample wording you can use in a written letter to decision makers. It’s also important to share your personal story about why stillbirth prevention matters to you. Feel free to use the template wording below, and then find contact information for your Representatives and Senators. Please include your return postal mailing address when corresponding with a Congressional office.

Sample Letter

Dear {Insert Name},

Every year in the U.S. we lose 23,000 babies to stillbirth, according to the CDC. This is roughly the same number of babies we lose to infant mortality — but very little is being done in this country to address stillbirth. Stillbirth is defined as the loss of a baby between 20 and 40+ weeks of pregnancy. Many of these losses can be prevented, and that’s where Count the Kicks comes in. We have a solution to save babies NOW.

The nonprofit organization behind Count the Kicks is leading the country in stillbirth prevention efforts, saving one in three at-risk babies in Iowa. Ninety-five percent of maternal health providers in Iowa have implemented this campaign to prevent stillbirths. Based on scientific evidence, Count the Kicks educates expectant parents about the importance of tracking fetal movement in the third trimester of pregnancy. Research shows a change in what’s normal is an indication there may be something wrong with the pregnancy.

{Insert Your Story Here}

We respectfully ask that you support stillbirth prevention legislation {name specific legislation if you have it} and learn more about how Count the Kicks is saving babies across the U.S. If we can realize the success of our stillbirth prevention effort in all 50 states, we will save nearly 7,500 babies each year in the U.S. With your help, we can get there. I’d be happy to speak with you anytime about the work we are doing to save babies in our state and across the country.

With Gratitude,

{Insert Your Name Here}

Would you like to ask your decision maker for a meeting? We’d be happy to attend with you and can help you prepare. Please reach out to us at info@healthybirthday.org in advance of your meeting request!


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