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Parent-to-Parent Network

Prior to becoming a formal nonprofit organization, the founding partners of Healthy Birth Day worked with several local hospitals to develop a Parent-to-Parent Network.  This network served as a means to connect moms and dads who had experienced the loss of a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death. We knew from our own experiences that finding someone who had been through this type of loss could be difficult. We wanted to make that process easier for families, and, as a result, began the Parent-to-Parent network.

Through the Parent-to-Parent network we have been able to connect countless moms and dads looking to speak with another family who has experienced a loss.  This support has come in the form of hospital visits, phone calls, emails, whatever parents have wanted and needed at the time. Our network of parents has helped to answer the most difficult early questions, like, “How do I plan a funeral for my baby?” as well as later concerns like, “How do I know when I am ready to try again?” 

We are grateful to the many moms and dads who have connected with us through the Parent-to-Parent network.  Many of these same parents have gone on to become some our strongest volunteers and supporters.  It seems that others, too, have found that moving from bereavement to education and advocacy can be a powerful and fulfilling way of healing.

If you are a bereaved parent and would like to be begin a Parent-to-Parent Network in your community or join us in our advocacy work, please contact us

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